I'm a final year Product Design student. I have a passion for working with computers and making daily life easier through the objects around us. I was born in Bordeaux, France and spent most of my life in London and Singapore which I believe has given me a unique perspective on design. I currently split my time between Sydney and Singapore with my family in Singapore and my University in Sydney.

As a designer I find joy in simplicity and creatively built systems. I enjoy taking the simplest but most effective approach to any obstacles, I truly believe that any problem will always be able to be broken into smaller and easier and often more effective tasks. Design allows me to express myself through the objects around me.

Outside of design I enjoy a nice hike in the mountains and playing video games with my friends. I also love food in every sense of the word, I will always be down for a nice meal! I also enjoy japanese design, GUNDAMs, gardening and most important, my dogs jack and rose...yes from the titanic ;)

Software skills

Adobe Suite