NIKE Hair Dryer

I designed a NIKE themed hairdryer during my second year project. It combines the brand's style and practical features, based on my research and analysis of their design language. Through collaboration and attention to detail, I created a visually appealing and functional product that embodies NIKE's empowering ethos.
The theme for this hair dryer was NIKE. I went for a retro 90s hair dryer that would most often be sold for business men on the go.
First Sketches
Here I am trying to look for different forms and function I could find that both fit the Nike theme and the 90's retro style. I'm both looking for natural curves but also rigid and straight edges found in the retro hair dryers. I also want to keep in mind the portability aspect of the hair dryer as I ideally want business men than can transport it around.
Final Design
My goal was to design a portable, strong and efficient hairdryer that met Nike's high standards. I researched market trends, brainstormed ideas and created a design that was ergonomic and appealing to users. I aimed for a balance of innovation and practicality, leading to a final design that combines portability with efficiency.
Assembly page
Dough moulding compounds were chosen for the hairdryer due to their ability to withstand high temperatures and resist shock impact. These compounds have a high melting temperature, making them suitable for hot environments, and provide excellent insulation, reducing the risk of electrical shock. With their durability and resistance to wear and tear, dough moulding compounds make the hair dryer both safe and long-lasting.
Exploded View
Final Thoughts
The Nike hairdryer project was an exciting opportunity for me to showcase my skills as an industrial designer. I was inspired by the retro 90's business men's hairdryers and aimed to create a compact and portable design while still maintaining its strength and efficiency. Throughout the design process, I focused on creating a product that was ergonomic and comfortable to use, balancing practicality with aesthetic appeal.

I started by researching the hairdryer market and identifying opportunities for improvement. This helped me to understand the needs of my target market and determine the features and design elements that were important to them. I then began sketching out various concepts, exploring different shapes and sizes, and considering how I could make the hairdryer as small as possible while still maintaining its efficiency.

As I refined my designs, I took into account the feasibility of each concept, considering factors such as cost, materials, and manufacturing processes. I also focused on making the hairdryer ergonomic and comfortable to use, paying close attention to the air intakes and the overall look of the hairdryer.

The final design combines the best of retro and contemporary design, delivering a hairdryer that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The use of the latest technology and materials ensures that the hairdryer is strong and efficient, making it a versatile option for users.

Looking back on the project, I am proud of the final design and feel that it is a strong representation of my skills as an industrial designer. However, if given the chance, I would make some changes to further improve the design and make it even more practical and appealing to users. For example, I would probably change the handle shape to make it more ergonomic, and I would consider adjusting the placement of the switches as they were reported to be uncomfortable for users with smaller hands. Additionally, I would explore alternative materials and manufacturing processes to help reduce costs and improve the hairdryer's performance.

The Nike hairdryer project was a challenging and rewarding experience that allowed me to explore my creativity and push the boundaries of design. The lessons I learned from this project will be invaluable in my future design work and will help me to create innovative and practical products that meet the needs of consumers. By combining my passion for design with my technical expertise, I am confident that I can create products that are both beautiful and functional.