Our group project aimed to reduce waste using technology. We created a mobile app featuring a virtual pet whose environment reflects the amount of plastic waste produced by the user. My role was designing the app using Figma.
Figma Designer

App Developer
User interview
Ben Perk
Giorgio Nguyen
Alexandre Lafon
How might we make users identify their consumption patterns in order to help them build consumption reducing habits?
Creating an interactive waste management system with a virtual turtle and environment. Plastic thrown into the trash is weighed and affects the turtle's surroundings. Users can save or ruin the environment based on their waste levels, providing real-time feedback on their impact.
Young families who can afford e-bins and want to practice sustainable habits. The gamification of waste management impacts both parents and children, building recycling habits and teaching the importance of saving the environment through the interactive turtle system.
· Regular Trash can
· Weight measure system to report data to the app
· Screen on wall with Turtle cam on display
· Tracking of trash amount with daily tips
· Turtle cam, where you can see the impact of your trash
· Leaderboard to compare score to friends
During the development process, the team conducted user testing on various app aesthetics to determine which would be most visually appealing and have the greatest impact on users. After careful consideration, the team decided to adopt an elegant and sleek aesthetic, while still incorporating elements of playfulness to engage younger users. The chosen design was informed by user feedback and aims to provide a positive user experience, as well as encourage the adoption of sustainable waste management practices.
User Testing
Users found the app easy to understand, but had difficulty relating to the impact of their waste
Conducted five user testing sessions with two users each
We saw that some users were clicking on the wrong buttons during the testing, possibly due to confusion caused by similar color schemes
App Concept
We decided to go for marine orientated colors with a dash of orange to bring out the usable buttons and features on the app. We went with a cute playful mascot as  users tend to become more easily attached to cute animals, this will make them more inclined to reduce or at least make the user more aware of their trash consumption.
Final Concept                                                                                                             
Turtle Cam
In this Turtle cam users are able to checking in on their turtle and make sure it's happy and inside a clean environment. The more trash the user throws in the bin the more damaged and polluted the turtle's environment will become. This screen can also be seen next to the bin for an instant feedback when trash is throw out. The turtle's environment can be cleaned by either recycling your trash or taking out the trash more often.
Trash Tracker
This allows the users to see their total trash amount for a specific time. Users are able to see their current total and also their average giving them a rough idea of how they are doing based on their past data
App Run Through
Project Role

As a member of the group project, I was primarily responsible for the mobile app development utilizing Figma. My main objective was to contribute to the overall look and feel of the application, ensuring that it was aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. I designed and executed three iterations of the mobile app, taking into consideration the feedback from user testing. The initial designs faced some challenges, as users reported difficulty in determining the interactive elements of the app, leading to confusion and frustration.

To address this issue, I made necessary adjustments to the layout, color scheme, and illustrations, to create a seamless experience for the users. I carefully selected illustrations that aligned with the theme and mood of the application, experimenting with different styles and colors to arrive at the best solution. Additionally, I performed quality assurance testing to ensure that all controls and interactions were functioning properly. Through my contributions, I aimed to create a mobile app that was not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate and understand.